Welcome Biology students!

New Study Resource: studyblue.com

A website that allows you to create and post your own flashcards that can be studied, quizzed, and shared to the whole class.

An account is completely free, you only need an email and a password. To access Biology materials:

1) Go to studyblue.com

2) Click "Join" in the upper right hand corner.

3) You can either join through facebook or with email.

4) Once you have joined, enter Hononegah High School as your school name. You will see Hononegah pop up underneath, click on it to confirm.

5) For class name, type in "Biology" and click on the option Biology Haab underneath it.

6) You will then be logged into the Biology class and will be able to view, create, and share your own flashcards.

Topic 6: DNA and RNA

Topic 6 test will be Thursday, Jan. 31st.

Within this website, you will have access to:

- all POWERPOINTS used in class. (Located in the "Documents" section)

- other resources used in class (lecture questions, homework, etc.)

- a CLASS CALENDAR to keep you up to date on activities done within class as well as upcoming tests/quizzes and homework due dates.

**Remember, guided notes will NOT be provided to you by your teacher in class, so if you wish to use them (which is recommended), then you must print them off outside of class to bring in.

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