School Messenger Calling Program


Hononegah High School is using the School Messenger calling program for sending out emergency announcements, snow-day calls, and other general information messages to our parents.  The numbers dialed are from our student management system's database with information provided to us by parents at registration and throughout the year.

When a general parent call is made, such as a snow day, only the parent's primary number is dialed. In the case of two guardians, only the primary number listed in our system can be called, although we are able to add a number and parent manually if you desire. Changes to our numbers can also be accepted by e-mailing Jan Gearhart at: (815-624-2070, and press zero), or Cathy Gentry at:

When an emergency call goes out all family phone numbers in our system are called except those specifically coded as "work". If a parent specifically requested a work number as a location to call, that number will also be dialed. If you would like to remove that number, please contact the employees listed above.  We occasionally have employers who do not want their places of business called when these emergency calls go out.  Cell phone numbers are good choices for the system's calling list as well.

A general call takes about 15-30  minutes for all calls to go out, and an emergency call takes about 10 minutes for all calls to go out to our parents.

No technology is perfect but District 207 is attempting to contact our parents as quickly and efficiently as possible. We thank you for your feedback and are always looking at ways to improve our communications with the public.


Bruce Carlson
Technology Director
Hononegah High School